Dieter Brock - The Birmingham Rifle

His legacy is unmatched. Dieter Brock—the man they called The Birmingham Rifle, for the way he launched a football, remains one of the most prolific quarterbacks in the history of the Canadian Football League.

From his days as a youth in Birmingham, Alabama, to walking away from Auburn, to a brilliant CFL Hall of Fame football career with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Hamilton Tiger Cats as well as the NFL's L.A. Rams, talented quarterback, Dieter Brock’s love of football is what made him a legend.

Dieter Brock – The Birmingham Rifle is a story of perseverance, commitment and determination by best selling author, Robert Allan Young. Young sheds new light and never before comments on both the memorable performances Brock achieved as a football player and the trials he faced along the way.

With his notable, humble personality, Brock lays it all on the line and shares stories and insights about some of the behind-the-scenes moments in professional football and his life. 

Inspiring, honest, and unapologetic,

Dieter Brock - The Birmingham Rifle 

proves that the heart of a champion can never be measured.

A portion of the proceeds support the Never Alone Foundation and the CFL Alumni Association.

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